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New area of consultation 2020
Fat witness on behalf of customer at manufacturer facilities
- Kongsberg 2020

Boskalis BV
Start up inspection of propulsion system and canister operation on board drillship Jack Ryan laid down at Trinidad & Tobago, 2017

Technip Samsung Consortium project Prelude FLNG

Between 2011-2016 various positions in world's largest FLNG development project, Prelude FLNG project (ref: ).

Including following:

·        Thruster system Concept development at Rolls-Royce Oy Ab in co-operation with Beacon Finland Ltd. Samsung Heavy Industry, Shell, 2011

·        Design lead at Rolls-Royce supervising Beacon Finland Ltd., 2012-2013

·        Lead of manufacturing and FAT inspections at Rolls-Royce Oy, 2013-2014

·        Thruster system instructions & operation manual, Linku ATC, 2014

·        Installation inspections and installation supervising at Rolls-Royce and Linku ATC, 2015

·        Commissioning supervision of thruster system at Samsung Geoje shipyard Linku ATC, 2016

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Interviews in papers:

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